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* accounting-reports by ebridges (last commit on 2019-04-04)

Accounting reports for GNUCash.

* AceMoney-to-GnuCash by lowvoltage (last commit on 2015-01-11)

A quick and dirty script to convert an AceMoney .XML into a GnuCash .XML

alchemy by zmoog (last commit on 2020-06-05)

A very simple Gnucash-inspired web application

* asset-allocation by MisterY (last commit on 2019-06-03)

Asset Allocation implementation in Python

* bank_to_qif by engdan77 (last commit on 2019-01-27)

Program for processing XML/XLS bank account exports into QIF-format supported by e.g. GnuCash developed in Python

* BankCSVtoQif by niknow (last commit on 2019-08-05)

Converts csv files from a bank to qif and replaces descriptions and target accounts according to predefined customizable rules along the way. Intended to work as a tool for gnucash.

* beancount2gnucash by wolfm89 (last commit on 2018-12-23)

Convert Beancount ledger files to GnuCash compatible files

* cookthebooks by colemannugent (last commit on 2017-11-13)

A python3 based, gnucash to ledger converter

* CSV-pre-processor-for-GnuCash by hughgliderpilot (last commit on 2019-08-16)

Takes transaction CSV download from bank and adds Transfer Account column based on Description

csv2cash by jrwrigh (last commit on 2020-07-13)

Python package for importing CSV files to GNUCash

* csv2mt940 by selva-di (last commit on 2019-09-20)

convert Sparda-West-csv to mt940 for gnucash import

* django-openbudget by evandavey (last commit on 2012-09-18)

Simple django-based personal budgeting app that sources data from GNUCash sqlite data files

dkb2qif by mzur (last commit on 2020-04-05)

Convert a DKB CSV export to QIF

DKB_to_GnuCash by ch3fk0mm7 (last commit on 2019-12-22)

Die CSV die man aus dem DKB Online Banking exportiert kann enthält in mehreren Spalten Informationen, die in GnuCash in die Spalte “Beschreibung” sollen, damit die Kategorie der Buchung automatisch erkannt werden kann.

dkcash by quazgar (last commit on 2020-01-24)

Direktkreditverwaltung mit gnucash-Backend

* DnbNor2qif by djiti (last commit on 2011-09-19)

Turning DnbNor CSV files into GNUCash-compatible QIF files

* dollar by marcotmarcot (last commit on 2018-04-21)

Check if the dollar exchange rate is the same on my Gnucash transactions and UOL

* dropcopy by juniorbl (last commit on 2019-02-21)

A simple tool for GNOME to copy a given GnuCash file to a local dropbox directory whenever it is saved.

exporterVolksbank_GNUCash by vspaceone (last commit on 2020-01-10)

(No description available)

* finance_convert by RincewindWizzard (last commit on 2017-12-01)

Convert from Paypal and Volksbank to gnucash using csv

* financial_forecast by skullspace (last commit on 2016-09-06)

A script to take in our Gnucash books and output a CSV with some historical and forecasted data

flux by marcotmarcot (last commit on 2020-07-31)

Create a monthly flux report from a gnucash file

* gcimport by nblock (last commit on 2014-01-12)

Convert various input files (csv, txt) to csv files that can be easily parsed with GnuCash.

* gcinvoice by ngiger (last commit on 2019-06-04)

GnuCash to Lates (see + my personal templates

* generate_prices by barrettTom (last commit on 2019-05-20)

gnucash price database generator script

gnc-fq-helper by yegord (last commit on 2019-10-27)

A drop-in replacement for GnuCash’s Finance::Quote helper

* gnc2QuickBooks by jfishe (last commit on 2018-09-28)

Python 2 convert GnuCash to QuickBooks tab delimited import format

* gnc_budget_scroll by mateuszzz88 (last commit on 2016-09-18)

This is a converter for gnucash bugdet report. It will create html with the same content, but table will be scrollable in such way, that headers (date, account name) are visible

* gnc_privat24 by gentoo90 (last commit on 2018-11-05)

Imports Privat24 statements to Gnucash book

gnc_tools by armanschwarz (last commit on 2020-08-29)

Python tools for validating GnuCash files

gncxml by LiosK (last commit on 2020-06-20)

gncxml - extract entries from GnuCash data file to pandas.DataFrame

* gnucash-account2template by EvansMike (last commit on 2015-09-03)

Make a GnuCash account template from an exported account

* gnucash-bridge by dbellettini (last commit on 2017-02-18)

Expose GnuCash as a microservice

* gnucash-budgerow- by dlex (last commit on 2016-02-05)

Predictive budgeter for GnuCash

* gnucash-budget by chrisbrasington (last commit on 2018-05-11)

Minimalist budget reporting.

* gnucash-categorizer by seddonym (last commit on 2017-05-22)

(No description available)

* gnucash-cfdi by sebastianavina (last commit on 2014-02-16)

Proyecto que timbra facturas de gnucash por medio de facturacion moderna.

* gnucash-cli by loftx (last commit on 2019-06-30)

(No description available)

* GnuCash-CSV2CSV-for-PowerBi by aidancrane (last commit on 2019-01-01)

I use this to convert my GnuCash csv exports for analysis in MS Power BI

* gnucash-csv2html by m13253 (last commit on 2019-08-08)

Convert CSV files exported by GnuCash to HTML format

gnucash-docs-rst by codesmythe (last commit on 2020-05-03)

GnuCash documentation in RestructuredText as Sphinx project

* gnucash-expense-report by QuLogic (last commit on 2015-01-29)

(No description available)

GnuCash-Expenses-Vis by maciek3000 (last commit on 2020-04-29)

Visualizations of Expenses created in GnuCash Accounting Software

gnucash-fiximports by sandeepmukherjee (last commit on 2020-03-14)

Change target accounts of imported gnucash transactions

gnucash-fiximports by jamessherring (last commit on 2020-08-01)

(No description available)

* gnucash-fiximports by HappyPeng2x (last commit on 2017-09-24)

Additional developments on the original gnucash-fiximports

* gnucash-gource-viz by C7C8 (last commit on 2019-03-11)

Script to convert GNUCash transaction histories into logs that can be visualized by Gource (because why not?)

* gnucash-import by manzato (last commit on 2014-07-15)

Imports transactions from a CSV file and places them to the appropriate account depending on a set of rules

gnucash-import-stock by senooken (last commit on 2020-10-24)

(No description available)

gnucash-importer by shaform (last commit on 2020-08-29)

Utilities to import transactions into GnuCash

* gnucash-importer by gunny26 (last commit on 2017-12-30)

import some csv data, categorize bookings automatically with help of some neuronal network categorizer

gnucash-importer by drjeep (last commit on 2020-08-13)

(No description available)

* gnucash-importers by rtucker (last commit on 2018-03-02)

gnucash importer scripts for Interlock Rochester financial foo

gnucash-imports by dpslwk (last commit on 2020-06-19)

Import scripts for Nottingham Hackspace GNUCash

gnucash-input by elChapoSing (last commit on 2020-10-06)

personal process for DBS input into gnucash compatible file format

* gnucash-inteligo by lukasszz (last commit on 2018-04-15)

Importowanie wyciągów z Inteligo do Gnucash,

* gnucash-latex by mwellnitz (last commit on 2017-04-28)

Create good looking invoices for gnucash using latex and python

* gnucash-latex-koma by jappeace (last commit on 2017-04-24)

Create good looking invoices for gnucash using latex/koma and python

* gnucash-mail-sync by omelkova (last commit on 2018-05-06)

(No description available)

* gnucash-ofx-brokerage by 7max (last commit on 2012-02-18)

GnuCash OFX importer that handles brokerages, ie stocks, mutual funds, optios

* gnucash-ofx-export by hoffie (last commit on 2014-07-14)

Selectively export GnuCash transactions into OFX

* gnucash-portfolio by MisterY (last commit on 2019-04-13)

Tools for managing an investment portfolio in a GnuCash book

* gnucash-portfolio-cli by MisterY (last commit on 2019-02-04)

Gnucash Portfolio CLI

gnucash-portfolio-webui by MisterY (last commit on 2020-09-04)

GnuCash Portfolio Web UI

gnucash-prices by nomis (last commit on 2020-03-08)

GnuCash price database management

* gnucash-pyquotehist by tfree87 (last commit on 2015-06-17)

A simple python script which imports historical price quotes from yahoo into Gnucash via the command line without the need for Perl Finance::QuoteHist. Based on Peter Holtermann’s quotes_hist script

* Gnucash-Python-Example by petarkabashki (last commit on 2015-02-19)

Example python script for importing data into Gnucash

* gnucash-python-free by tbhartman (last commit on 2014-08-24)

(No description available)

* GNUCash-Python-Scripts by relyt29 (last commit on 2017-05-31)

various python scripts to add to gnucash functionality

* gnucash-qif-import by hjacobs (last commit on 2018-12-29)

GnuCash Python helper script to import transactions from QIF text files into GnuCash’s own file format

gnucash-reconciler by rmehyde (last commit on 2020-08-02)

Tool for comparing Gnucash records to bank records automatically

* gnucash-reports by MeerkatLabs (last commit on 2019-10-03)

Simple reporting framework for fetching data out of gnucash files for display in a viewer.

gnucash-rest by loftx (last commit on 2020-10-06)

A Python based REST framework for the Gnucash accounting application

* gnucash-rest-docker by loftx (last commit on 2018-09-25)

A dockerfile and associated files to quickly test the Gnucash Rest API

* gnucash-savings by chrisbrasington (last commit on 2018-08-24)

gnucash-savings projection

* GNUCash-scripts by spartha80 (last commit on 2019-07-28)

Simple Python scripts to convert Bank statements to QIF format

gnucash-scripts by thomasrebele (last commit on 2019-10-27)

(No description available)

gnucash-select by bulletmark (last commit on 2020-08-15)

GnuCash File Selector

* gnucash-society by hendrikvanantwerpen (last commit on 2013-04-13)

Support application for societies based on GnuCash

* gnucash-stock-portfolio by hjacobs (last commit on 2014-01-15)

GnuCash Python utilities to manage a stock portfolio

gnucash-stock-quotes by DrSkippy (last commit on 2020-08-24)

(No description available)

* gnucash-to-beancount by henriquebastos (last commit on 2018-07-22)

Gnucash to Beancount Converter.

* gnucash-tools by cnuahs (last commit on 2016-07-26)

Command line tools for use with Gnucash (

* gnucash-tools by yanivmo (last commit on 2016-03-16)

GnuCash interoperability scripts

* gnucash-tools by dahnielson (last commit on 2012-05-14)

💰 Tools for working with GnuCash

gnucash-tools by iqt4 (last commit on 2020-02-16)

(No description available)

* gnucash-toolset by cirrax (last commit on 2019-04-24)

Access and manipulate gnucash data.

* gnucash-util by bstpierre (last commit on 2011-01-21)

Utility scripts using GnuCash python bindings

* gnucash-utilities by sdementen (last commit on 2017-11-23)

Set of python scripts to work with GnuCash books

* gnucash-utils by AndreasHeger (last commit on 2015-04-08)

utility scripts for gnucash

gnucash-vis by chrlen (last commit on 2020-05-16)

A script to visualize state of accounts from a Gnucash file exported by the client for Android

* gnucash-xml-split by fefe982 (last commit on 2014-08-30)

Split GnuCash XML files into files containing transaction in a certain period (e.g. a year)

gnucash2beancount by shaform (last commit on 2020-09-02)

(No description available)

* gnucash2googlesheets by erikvanegmond (last commit on 2018-08-06)

(No description available)

* gnucash2iif by pawl (last commit on 2013-08-18)

Converts a Gnucash general ledger to an IIF file (for quickbooks)

* gnucash_autobudget by rmoehn (last commit on 2017-03-06)

Automatically adjust GnuCash transactions for envelope budgeting (discontinued)

* gnucash_balance_report by tbhartman (last commit on 2014-08-24)

get balance report from gnucash file

* gnucash_budget by dschwen (last commit on 2017-01-22)

Tools to work with a GnuCash database

* gnucash_converter by boszkie (last commit on 2019-05-05)

python script to convert rabobank (nl) csv format to gnuCash csv import format

* gnucash_django by RobFisher (last commit on 2013-05-06)

GnuCash Web Interface using Django.

gnucash_envelope_assist by MarkOfLark (last commit on 2020-01-02)

Scripts that assist in using GnuCash for personal finances under the envelope system

* gnucash_explorer by peap (last commit on 2019-02-13)

Another option for exploring your gnucash database

* gnucash_exports by jjuanda (last commit on 2014-01-13)

GnuCash export scripts into several DBs/file formats

gnucash_general_journal by dorfsmay (last commit on 2020-01-20)

GnuCash csv General Journal

* gnucash_import_from_bank by silvester747 (last commit on 2019-08-03)

Convert bank statements in a format GNUCash can import.

gnucash_import_util by shinnkondo (last commit on 2020-05-16)

(No description available)

* gnucash_invoice_automator by peanutbutterandcrackers (last commit on 2019-05-05)

I haz the power of Libreoffice Calc and python-gnucash on my side

* gnucash_lbb_amazon by elezar (last commit on 2015-12-28)

Amazon Credit Card CSV pre-processor for GNUCash

* gnucash_magical_importer by foguinhoperuca (last commit on 2019-01-23)

Set of scripts to manage my personal finance with gnucash

* gnucash_ofx by gevious (last commit on 2013-01-10)

Convert gnucash xml file to set of OFX files

* gnucash_quotes by belidzs (last commit on 2019-03-01)

Download stock and currency quotes from Alpha Vantage and save it to GnuCash

* gnucash_tweaks by jokim (last commit on 2019-07-29)

Simple ad hoc tweaks, because I don’t have time to learn to code inside GnuCash

* gnucashApi by f-angi (last commit on 2017-12-04)

(No description available)

* GnuCashImporter by sphaero (last commit on 2019-02-25)

Simple console tool to import mt940 file and match transactions to GnuCash accounts

gnucashpricesupdater by danfcosta (last commit on 2020-03-31)

Update prices of Brazilian commodities on GnuCash database (SQLite)

* gnucashreconcile by seddonym (last commit on 2017-04-12)

(No description available)

gnucashreport by partizand (last commit on 2019-11-08)

Python library for get reports from GnuCash to xlsx files

* GnucashReporting by sholly (last commit on 2017-06-27)

Python/Flask backend for gnucash reports

* gnucashreports by youngchul (last commit on 2011-12-06)

(No description available)

gnucashREST by f-angi (last commit on 2020-05-13)

A REST(ful) API for basic GnuCash operations

* GNUCashTools by s8002sid (last commit on 2019-08-13)

This repository will be used for storing GNUCash tools

* gnuCashTools by Walms (last commit on 2017-07-17)

Just a few scripts to help manage my budget

* GnuCashUtils by wlcasper (last commit on 2018-12-31)

GnuCash scripts

* gnucashxml by jorgenschaefer (last commit on 2017-02-06)

New Maintainer, please use their repository

* hackerspace-gnucash by cvonkleist (last commit on 2012-08-24)

Gainesville Hackerspace GnuCash scripts, etc.

* importfindata by gregorias (last commit on 2017-07-01)

Script that updates Polish investment fund quotes in a Gnucash file.

* ing2gnucash by hjmeijer (last commit on 2013-07-17)

Converts downloaded ING (bank) transaction CSV files to GNUCash importable CSV

* ing2qif by marijnvriens (last commit on 2014-10-18)

Import ING bank statements and convert them to qif for importing into gnucash

ing2qif2 by tychobismeijer (last commit on 2020-09-29)

Convert ING csv to QIF format for GnuCash

* jeffs-gnucash-utils by n1ywb (last commit on 2018-12-01)

Jeff Laughlin’s Python utilities for GnuCash. Includes HTML invoice generator.

* koert by awesterb (last commit on 2017-07-08)

Toolbox for the inspection of GnuCash (used by the financial control committee of Karpe Noktem).

ledger-explorer by saufrecht (last commit on 2020-10-23)

Navigate any¹ hierarchical ledger graphically, all the way down to individual transactions. (¹ as long as it’s formatted exactly like a Gnucash CSV export)

* ledger2gnucash by dotmjs (last commit on 2016-01-19)

Simple python script to convert ledger-cli files to GnuCash

* mint2gnucash by SAL-e (last commit on 2019-10-06)

Use together with GnuCash.

* Mint2GNUCash by alexevans91 (last commit on 2017-03-04)

Converts transaction CSV file from to a format that can be imported into GNU Cash.

* mintcash by hiromu2000 (last commit on 2019-07-05)

Transfer transactions from to Gnucash

* moneyguru-to-gnucash by peppelan (last commit on 2019-04-21)

Data migration from Moneyguru to GnuCash made easy

mwrr by jmtilli (last commit on 2020-08-18)

Money-weighted rate of return calculator for GnuCash

* NokiaCash by sunziping2016 (last commit on 2016-06-01)

A GnuCash-like software on S60v3 developed by python

ofxstatement by kedder (last commit on 2020-10-22)

Tool to convert proprietary bank statement to OFX format, suitable for importing to GnuCash or other personal finance applications.

ofxstatement-al_bank by lbschenkel (last commit on 2020-05-23)

Arbejdernes Landsbank plugin for ofxstatement

* ofxstatement-lansforsakringar by lbschenkel (last commit on 2019-03-05)

Länsförsakringar plugin for ofxstatement

* ofxstatement-sparkasse-freiburg by omarkohl (last commit on 2018-04-04)

ofxstatement plugin for the German bank Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau

* pdf2gc by iqt4 (last commit on 2018-01-06)

Read bank statement and import into Gnucash

piecash by sdementen (last commit on 2020-10-24)

Pythonic interface to GnuCash SQL documents

* pricedb-pull by chrisberkhout (last commit on 2018-05-27)

Pull historical prices for use in GnuCash and Ledger CLI

* PyBank by dougthor42 (last commit on 2018-01-20)

Personal accounting software. Alternative to the likes of Quicken, iBank,, and GnuCash

pygnc by ErwinRieger (last commit on 2020-03-22)

My Gnucash extensions for german small businesses using gnucash and aqbanking python-api’s (ibr-gnc-module reloaded).

* pygnclib by tdf (last commit on 2014-05-26)

Pyxb-based read and write support for GnuCash XML files

* pygnucash by MatzeB (last commit on 2018-05-12)

Python code to read gnucash 2.6 sqlite3 files; features gnucash 2 ledger translator.

pyGnuCash by sebgad (last commit on 2020-10-10)

Python Access for GnuCash

pyTry by EpistemikPython (last commit on 2020-09-18)

parse Monarch report files and create transactions to write to a Gnucash file

* qb2gnc by jfishe (last commit on 2018-09-28)

Python 2 convert QuickBooks to GnuCash

* qif-split by ebridges (last commit on 2018-01-17)

Splits transactions in a QIF file to support budgeting and more granular financial tracking.

qifqif by Kraymer (last commit on 2020-07-15)

Enrich your .QIF files with categories.

rabo2ofx by gbonnema (last commit on 2019-12-10)

A python script to convert Dutch Rabobank CSV files to OFX files for processing in GnuCash.

* rabobank-gnucash-converter by boterbloem5 (last commit on 2017-12-09)

(No description available)

* scripts by cpg314 (last commit on 2019-03-24)

Collection of Python scripts

simple_gnucash_budget_plots by csun (last commit on 2020-05-21)

Simple budget plots for GnuCash - discussed in

* skr-json by baltpeter (last commit on 2018-07-17)

GnuCash account templates (Standard-Kontenrahmen) JSON

small_scripts by sercxanto (last commit on 2020-10-18)

Simple scripts too small for own repo

square_transaction_parser by rwslippey (last commit on 2019-11-30)

A simple script to help prepare square transaction csv data for import to accounting software like GNUCash

* text-messaging-to-gnucash by chrisbrasington (last commit on 2016-01-20)

Create transactions via commandline text-messaging to gnucash sqlite database.

* Timetracker-to-Gnucash-Invoice by EvansMike (last commit on 2012-03-15)

Takes Anuko Timetracker data and creates an Invoice in GnuCash

* tws-gnucash by twswn (last commit on 2012-08-05)

(No description available)

UpdateBudgetQtrly by EpistemikPython (last commit on 2020-09-20)

gnucash and google functions to update my BudgetQtrly document

* visa-parser by pguridi (last commit on 2014-01-08)

A parser for the Visa pdf bill from, useful for CSV import in Gnucash.

* volksbank-csv-to-gnucash-csv-converter by Kaedo (last commit on 2017-11-05)

(No description available)

* webgnucash by donautech (last commit on 2019-09-26)

Server for web version of GnuCash

* WestpacGNUCashManager by jakeb1996 (last commit on 2017-08-20)

Export your Westpac transactions in QIF format and prepare them for GnuCash

* zoysia by honthion (last commit on 2018-12-22)

gnucash项目后台 python flask


* credit-card-statement-reconciler by icyflame (last commit on 2019-07-27)

Scripts to reconcile your credit card statement with your manually maintained accounts from GnuCash

ibank2qif by tomszilagyi (last commit on 2020-02-06)

Bank account transactions into GnuCash


* gnc-balcheck by prebbz (last commit on 2018-02-25)

Quickly get the balance of a GnuCash which uses a MySQL backend

* gnucash-2 by kleopatra999 (last commit on 2011-06-24)

Yet another clone of the gnucash source code

* gnucash-aqplus by jhs-s (last commit on 2012-06-24)

Usually contains some fixes for aqbanking for GnuCash

* Gnucash-gnucash by jimmymccord (last commit on 2018-05-19)

(No description available)

* gnucash-jz-snap by jacobzimmermann (last commit on 2018-08-26)

(No description available)

* gnucash-svn by kleopatra999 (last commit on 2010-04-08)

another clone of gnucash, but this time not using github’s clone, and therefore keeping the svn metadata

* gnucash_python by davidjo (last commit on 2018-07-20)

gnucash report writing in python

* tk_gnucash3.3-python by tkerns1965 (last commit on 2018-11-30)

(No description available)


* bank2qif by piontec (last commit on 2019-08-19)

A companion project for Helps import bank statements to GnuCash.

BudgetApp by Lakendary (last commit on 2020-02-11)

Budget web application for GnuCash

* CS320GnuCashTesting by BrookJacob (last commit on 2018-12-13)

Repository for the testing of GnuCash for CS320

* FinanceWeb by elohmeier (last commit on 2016-07-09)

C#/.NET OData Adapter for reading GnuCash Databases with MSFT Excel

* gnucash2ledger-cli by marek-g (last commit on 2014-08-05)

Gnucash (general ledger html report) to ledger-cli converter.

GnuCash2Qif by Jason-Carter (last commit on 2020-02-02)

Convert GnuCash Sqlite database to QIF format

* GnuCashCSLib by kiranvr (last commit on 2018-02-20)

A C# library to read values from GNUCash xml files.

* GnuCashDotNetAPI by SolidDynamics (last commit on 2019-08-11)

A .NET API for GnuCash using the C API

* GnuCashParser by nikitazu (last commit on 2015-02-19)

.Net parser for GnuCash files format

GnucashPlDataImportGenerator by AdrianS-PL (last commit on 2020-10-20)

(No description available)

* GnuCashSharp by rstarkov (last commit on 2017-07-17)

A library for reading data from GnuCash XML files.


* gnucash-butchered by iulianu (last commit on 2015-03-28)

My own butchered version of Gnucash

* gnuCash-price-upload by gavin-blakeman (last commit on 2018-06-24)

Upload .csv files to gnuCash prices

* gnuCash-pud by gavin-blakeman (last commit on 2018-08-18)

Commodity Price Upload Daemon for gnuCash

* gnutreemfc by edkirkman (last commit on 2017-11-23)

gnucash using MFC GUI and MySQL backend

investmentManager by gavin-blakeman (last commit on 2020-05-29)

Web Based Application to complement gnuCash and provide management and user interface to manage mutual funds

* UnderBudget by vimofthevine (last commit on 2019-08-05)

Advanced personal budget analysis application that integrates with GnuCash, Quicken,, etc.


gnucash_gtk3 by davidschmitt (last commit on 2020-08-22)

GTK3 CSS for customizing GnuCash appearance


dartcash by sandeep84 (last commit on 2020-08-18)

Dartlang implementation of GNUCash sqlite format file support.

* gnucash-flutter by pefdow (last commit on 2018-09-05)

Flutter implementation of gnucash-android

moneybags by sandeep84 (last commit on 2020-08-10)

A GNUCash viewer application.


* GnuCash-Windows-Fixes by theochino (last commit on 2015-03-19)

Pieces needed to Compile Gnu Cash on a Windows machine …


docker-gnucash by mhitchens (last commit on 2020-06-13)

GnuCash running via X11 over SSH

* docker-gnucash by HodeiG (last commit on 2019-07-11)


* docker-gnucash by Caveja (last commit on 2019-01-03)

Docker container with GnuCash built from source

* docker-gnucash-novnc by bertlorenz (last commit on 2018-07-25)

(No description available)

* gnucash-dev-docker by diablodale (last commit on 2019-07-23)

Docker containers for automated OS setup and dev/build environ for gnucash v3+ binaries and docs

gnucash-docker by aitor3ml (last commit on 2020-09-28)

dockerized gnucash

gnucash-docker by mtbkapp (last commit on 2020-01-06)

Run gnucash in docker with tigervnc and novnc for access from browser.

gnucash-docker by mtbkapp (last commit on 2020-01-06)

Run gnucash in docker with tigervnc and novnc for access from browser.

GNUCash-Docker-Build by crossan007 (last commit on 2020-02-09)

Docker based build environment for GNUCash

gnucash-docker-for-python by devbar (last commit on 2019-11-21)

Container to provide working gnucash backend and python bindings

* ppa-gnucash-xbt by msvalina (last commit on 2019-09-13)

Unofficial build of GnuCash with Bitcoin support for Ubuntu Bionic


* gnucash-tools by cantsin (last commit on 2015-11-01)

(No description available)

Gettext Catalog

* gnucash-el by pgaval (last commit on 2015-03-14)

Automatically exported from


bankcsv by lpenz (last commit on 2019-11-25)

Tool that I use to convert the CSV from banks to gnucash3-compatible transaction CSV

coin by mkobetic (last commit on 2020-09-10)

heavily simplified version of with a twist (very much a work in progress)

* gnc-api-d by vinymeuh (last commit on 2019-07-18)

A read only REST server for GnuCash file

* gnucash-csv-exporter by andrepnh (last commit on 2018-03-17)

Exports gnucash files to csv

gnucash-graphql by vinymeuh (last commit on 2020-03-05)

A GraphQL server for GnuCash files

* gnucash-parser by xavier268 (last commit on 2019-09-14)

Parse Gnucash files in Go

* gnucash-viewer by mmbros (last commit on 2017-01-12)

A gnucash file viewer

* gnucash-viewer-old by mmbros (last commit on 2016-12-18)

(No description available)

* gocash by remyoudompheng (last commit on 2013-09-21)

gocash is a personal accounting interface similar to gnucash

p24fetch by tuxofil (last commit on 2020-09-26)

Fetch transaction log from Privat24 for GnuCash


* Zio-Antunello by masokotanga (last commit on 2011-09-28)

un gnucash online (?)


* Gnucash-gnucash-htdocs by jimmymccord (last commit on 2018-05-19)

(No description available)

gnucash-htdocs by Gnucash (last commit on 2020-10-22)

GnuCash website.

* gnucash-jp by omoshetech (last commit on 2016-10-07)

(No description available)

* by GnucashKr (last commit on 2017-05-10) 홈페이지 소스


* hGnucash by pharaun (last commit on 2017-12-31)

Haskell xml library for parsing the gnucash file format

* hs-gnucash by knupfer (last commit on 2015-07-09)

Haskell library to work with gnucash

Inno Setup

gnucash-on-windows by Gnucash (last commit on 2020-10-18)

Support scripts to build gnucash for Windows using mingw32.


* accounting by milanogc (last commit on 2016-12-05)

This project is an attempt to create a GnuCash like system, i.e. it adopts the double entry bookkeeping accounting system, for the management of personal finances.

* android_search-recycler-cardview-learning-gnucash by cc-shifo (last commit on 2017-10-20)

(No description available)

* androidcash by mbarbon (last commit on 2011-08-09)

Simple Android GnuCash companion

BackupGnuCashLinux by goodvibes2 (last commit on 2020-05-20)

Backup GnuCash for Linux (using openjdk + openjfx)

BackupGnuCashMigor by goodvibes2 (last commit on 2020-03-11)

Backup GnuCash + Migor (my personal MS Access database)

BackupGnuCashWin by goodvibes2 (last commit on 2020-05-20)

Backup GnuCash for Windows (using javafx)

* barx by pgiu (last commit on 2015-03-05)

Exportador de la información del estado de cuenta de Banco Galicia a CSV/QIF para usar en MoneyManagerEx, GnuCash, etc.

* barxm by pgiu (last commit on 2015-03-06)

Exportador de la información del estado de cuenta de Banco Galicia a CSV/QIF para usar en MoneyManagerEx, GnuCash, etc.

* BudgetReportGnuCash by martinlong1978 (last commit on 2011-04-08)

Jasper Budget Report for GnuCash

* convert-ingcsv-to-gnucash by jonaskoperdraat (last commit on 2016-06-12)

Application to convert csv export from ING to a format GnuCash can import

* gcchart by jhogan (last commit on 2015-06-14)

An website for reading GnuCash datasources and creating charts written in Java.

* gnc4a by bwduncan (last commit on 2011-01-16)

GnuCash Companion for Android is an mobile application for devices running Google’s Android operating system, which will enable the users of GnuCash to do small things like adding a transaction or creating an invoice or expense voucher on the go.

* gnc4a by glennji (last commit on 2012-05-06)

Gnucash for Android

* GncImport by fcuenca (last commit on 2018-07-08)

GnuCash transaction import tool

* GncXmlLib by fcuenca (last commit on 2015-12-05)

A small library to manipulate GnuCash data in XML format

* GnuCash-2.6.5-importer by jan438 (last commit on 2015-02-02)

(No description available)

gnucash-android by codinguser (last commit on 2020-07-21)

Gnucash for Android mobile companion application.

gnucash-android by BattleCupcake (last commit on 2020-09-25)

(No description available)

gnucash-android by yjkang0602 (last commit on 2020-03-31)

(No description available)

gnucash-android by yjkang0602 (last commit on 2020-03-31)

(No description available)

gnucash-android by nicxleo (last commit on 2020-05-02)

(No description available)

* gnucash-android-example by felipecmuniz (last commit on 2018-05-28)

(No description available)

* gnucash-merge by pnemonic78 (last commit on 2017-08-16)

Merge two gnucash XML files.

* gnucash-utils by crankydillo (last commit on 2019-08-31)

(No description available)

gnuCashAdaptors by yrado (last commit on 2020-05-23)

Scripts to make import to GnuCash simple

* GnuCashBudgetReport by bvitale (last commit on 2012-01-21)

A budget report for GnuCash data that is stored in MySQL.

* gnucashjgnash by leeboardtools (last commit on 2018-01-23)

Plugin for jGnash that converts a (simple) GnuCash database to jGnash

* gnucashMobile by nhrdl (last commit on 2013-10-19)

(No description available)

* gnuCashN by nyshthefantastic (last commit on 2017-10-16)

(No description available)

* gnucashtest by krismess (last commit on 2019-09-26)

Automated test for Gnucash Android app

* GnuCashToQIF by davidkgerman (last commit on 2011-12-11)

(No description available)

* GnuCashViewer by jrmcsoftware (last commit on 2014-03-03)

GnuCash Viewer

IngAusOfxFixLinux by goodvibes2 (last commit on 2020-03-11)

ING Australia OFX Fix for Linux - Fix OFX file before importing into GnuCash

IngAusOfxFixWin by goodvibes2 (last commit on 2020-03-11)

ING Australia OFX Fix for Windows - Fix OFX file before importing into GnuCash

* javacash by nhrdl (last commit on 2013-08-09)

Yet another implementation of gnucash in Java

javacash by brentwalther (last commit on 2020-10-13)

An application for managing money. Inspired by GnuCash.

* jgc by kevemueller (last commit on 2018-06-11)

Java library to read GnuCash files

jGnuCash2Qif by Jason-Carter (last commit on 2019-10-27)

Convert GnuCash Sqlite database to QIF format - the Java version

* jgnucashlib by tdf (last commit on 2012-07-10)

jGnucashLib - a java access to GnuCash files

Maakboekingen by zwijze (last commit on 2020-10-13)

Maakboekingen in gnucash

* nordea-to-gnucash by mohamedamer (last commit on 2013-12-08)

(No description available)

* workspace_gnucash by won21kr1 (last commit on 2014-04-16)

(No description available)


* bcqif by hugozap (last commit on 2015-09-23)

Script simple para generar archivos QIF a partir de archivos .txt exportados desde Bancolombia y poder cargar los registros a programas como GnuCash

cash-cow by Lkxz (last commit on 2020-06-30)

A basic double-entry bookeping system, similar to GNUCash, written in Go and React.

cashdash by mbugert (last commit on 2020-03-22)

💰 Interactive visualization of GnuCash data based on plotly Dash.

* cashviz by nunofgl (last commit on 2017-12-28)

Visualizations for GNUCash data.

* finance_dashboard by manicolosi (last commit on 2014-03-09)

A dashing dashboard to show financial information from GnuCash

* finquick by dckc (last commit on 2018-10-04)

web app access to gnucash financial data

gnucash-browser by phjardas (last commit on 2020-10-20)

Web Interface for GnuCash Ledgers

* gnucash-django by nylen (last commit on 2015-11-20)

Simple Web frontend for GnuCash, using Django

* gnucash-ext by matthewbednarski (last commit on 2015-05-30)

(No description available)

gnucash-ppa by chenghlee (last commit on 2020-04-19)

Sources for the chenghlee/gnucash PPA

* gnucash-price-importer by cortopy (last commit on 2018-05-05)

Script for importing historic currency prices into gnucash

* gnucash-reporter by AaronLenoir (last commit on 2017-03-06)

Visualizes some reports on GnuCash data.

* gnucash-reporting-view by MeerkatLabs (last commit on 2018-04-24)

Angular JS Based viewer for gnucash-reports

gnucash-sql by wraithgar (last commit on 2020-07-04)

Gnucash sqlite thingy

* gnucash-viewer by drjeep (last commit on 2013-07-19)

Web viewer for Gnucash using Python/Flask

* gnucash-web by mrkrstphr (last commit on 2013-06-17)

(No description available)

* GnucashReportingNVD3 by sholly (last commit on 2017-07-04)

NVD3 frontend/playground for gnucash reporting..

monalyzer by Vlad-ku (last commit on 2020-03-13)

Анализ файлов QIF (GnuCash)

* profitcash-restful by TheProfitwareGroup (last commit on 2012-09-16)

[DEPRECATED] ProfitCash-RESTful is a RESTful service providing accounts and transaction information based on imported from GnuCash into MongoDB data.

qif-converter by matthijsmelissen (last commit on 2020-09-07)

Converts CSV files from ING (Netherlands) and BCEE (Luxembourg) into QIF files. Suitable for GnuCash.

* remotegnucash by justinhunt1223 (last commit on 2017-04-17)

Remote GnuCash

* salis by f0x52 (last commit on 2018-04-05)

GNUCash alternative

* skilap by sergeyksv (last commit on 2017-06-26)

Personal online applications, GnuCash clone and others

vue-gnucash by biker2000on (last commit on 2020-09-08)

(No description available)

webgnucash-client by donautech (last commit on 2020-09-10)

Client part of Web version of GnuCash

Jupyter Notebook

gnucash-historical-price-data by MichaelSchmidt82 (last commit on 2020-04-10)

Add historical stock price data to gnucash ledgers.

* gnucash-playground by nlzimmerman (last commit on 2016-08-15)

Just playing around with OFX and gnucash files; I am presumably the only person who cares about this sort of things.

* gnucash_analysis by prattmic (last commit on 2018-12-22)

Analyze GnuCash data with Pandas

GnuCash_tools by PingWIn87 (last commit on 2020-09-23)

My toolset for GnuCash

* py-gnucash by ihkihk (last commit on 2017-05-17)

Python scripts for analysis of gnucash database


* buchungen by jungepiraten (last commit on 2016-05-26)

Webinterface für gnucash-Datenbank mit Funktion zum Verifizieren von Buchungen

* cash-manager by jUnG3 (last commit on 2017-02-18)

(No description available)

* cashonline-php-server by okovalov (last commit on 2014-10-31)

Backend part for cashonline project (clone of gnucash)

* gnucash-dashboard by bkrijg (last commit on 2017-12-28)

(No description available)

* gnucash-eloquent by b3it (last commit on 2016-05-31)

Laravel Eloquent Models for the GnuCash MySQL Backend

* gnucash-laravel by xstat (last commit on 2015-12-21)

(No description available)

* gnucash-php by cebe (last commit on 2014-08-04)

A library for reading gnucash XML format in PHP

* gnucash-reports by xstat (last commit on 2017-07-30)

(No description available)

* gnucash-tools by cccmzwi (last commit on 2013-12-16)

Convert your onlinebanking-export (CSV) to a neatly pre-categorized QIF-File which can be imported in Quicken or Gnucash

* gnucash.cakephp by claudineimatos (last commit on 2014-06-25)

(No description available)

* gnucashreports by pedroabel (last commit on 2013-02-08)

Set of custom reports that I use for my personal finances. To see the reports working on a sample database, check the website ATTENTION: many problems yet. Many bugs that did not happen in my computer happened in this sample server.

* php-gnucash by mrkrstphr (last commit on 2013-06-17)

(No description available)

PhpGnuCashMatchTransactions by puggan (last commit on 2019-10-31)

Tool for GnuCash databases, to import and match up transactions from banks export-files

* plans-comptables-francais by Seb35 (last commit on 2019-04-17)

Plans comptables français aux formats CSV et GNUCash

* ThinkopenAt.Gnucash by kraftb (last commit on 2018-01-12)

A TYPO3 Flow package which allows to interface the Gnucash book keeping application

txs by vvvitaly (last commit on 2019-11-07)

Export bills from different sources into Gnucash-like CSV


gnucash-mysql-additions by ohingardail (last commit on 2019-11-02)

Custom MySql functions to add useful functions to GnuCash


* bsestocks by poomalairaj (last commit on 2017-06-07)

Perl module to fetch live price from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) for Gnucash Finance

* budgetProgram by Beahmer89 (last commit on 2016-10-23)

Converts GNUCash programs xml output to csv file to see monthly/yearly spending habits

Finance–Quote–YahooJapan by LiosK (last commit on 2020-01-26)

Finance::Quote::YahooJapan - A Perl module that enables GnuCash to get quotes of Japanese stocks and mutual funds from Yahoo! Finance JAPAN.

* finance-bomse by abhijit86k (last commit on 2017-11-06)

A Perl module for fetching quotes for Indian stocks, intended for use with gnucash

* finance-quote-brazil by romuloceccon (last commit on 2018-06-15)

Gnucash/Finance::Quote modules to fetch prices of Brazilian stocks, bonds and mutual funds

* FinanceQuoteBr by ailtonljr (last commit on 2017-09-08)

Perl Finance Quote modules for Brazilian market. Original files from

* gc2latex by wertarbyte (last commit on 2011-02-25)

create pretty Gnucash invoices with LaTeX and Perl

* GnuCash-Branch by LiosK (last commit on 2015-04-26)

GnuCash::Branch - Utilities to implement branch accounting with GnuCash.

* gnucash-extensions by tomason (last commit on 2017-08-02)

(No description available)

* gnucash-monthly-budget-report by mhodapp (last commit on 2015-03-01)

perl program to generate monthly budget reports

* GnuCash-MySQL by theochino (last commit on 2015-03-18)

A MySQL module to Gnu Cash

* gnucash-perl by goblin (last commit on 2011-01-29)

Perl modules for reading and writing the Gnucash XML file

* gnucash-quote-sources by tjol (last commit on 2017-04-23)

Some useful methods to fetch market price data for GnuCash

* GnuCash-SQLite by hoekit (last commit on 2015-05-20)

A perl module to access GnuCash SQLite files.

* GnuCash-SQLite by gitpan (last commit on 2015-01-08)

Read-only release history for GnuCash-SQLite

* gnucash-summarizer by Nazrax (last commit on 2016-05-06)

(No description available)

gnucash-xml-to-ledger-dat by icyflame (last commit on 2020-02-11)

A script to convert GNUCash’s XML file to Ledger’s dat file

* gnucash2mysql by xaprb (last commit on 2014-01-18)

Gnucash to MySQL export script.

* gnucash2mysql_extras by hmackiernan (last commit on 2018-12-23)

Extra scripts and bits for gnucash2mysql

* gnuCash_Quote by z-Wind (last commit on 2016-01-06)


* MoneyDance-GnuCash-Importer by ets (last commit on 2015-10-31)

Script to convert GnuCash data into a native MoneyDance XML file format

* Paypal-csv-to-qif-converter by sonologic (last commit on 2011-05-04)

Converts paypal .csv to qif for importing in gnucash

* perl-gnucash-reader by hoekit (last commit on 2014-06-14)

(No description available)

PerlFinanceQuoteBloomberg by alex314159 (last commit on 2020-07-01)

Bloomberg module for the Perl Finance::Quote module (used in particular by GnuCash)

* query_gnucash_db by hmackiernan (last commit on 2016-08-20)

Perl script to query a MySQL db created by the ‘gnucash2mysql’ script


* perl6-gnucash by eikef (last commit on 2016-08-24)

Use gnucash library from Perl 6


gnucashAndR by mrop (last commit on 2020-07-23)

(No description available)

* ShinyBudgetAnalysis by paulheider (last commit on 2017-04-06)

A Shiny app (R-based dashboard) that gives insight into your GnuCash budget habits over time.


* gnucash-docker by rusodavid (last commit on 2019-04-20)

(No description available)


* accounting by freegeek-pdx (last commit on 2013-11-18)

accounting utilities for xtuple import and allocation in xtuple and gnucash

* arges by isimluk (last commit on 2016-12-31)

Calc roe from gnucash transaction log

* banks-to-gnucash by toniprada (last commit on 2019-01-10)

Quaterly bank reports in CSV GnuCash-friendly format directly in your email.

boekhouden-met-gnucash by mauritslamers (last commit on 2020-05-21)

Een Nederlandse handleiding over het boekhouden met GnuCash

* cnab2ofx by abinoam (last commit on 2016-01-04)

CNAB240 to OFX conversion script

* dnbnor2qif by kentdahl (last commit on 2016-09-21)

dnbnor2qif is a simple tool to help integrate data from the DnBNOR online bank monthly transcripts (“kontoutskrift”) to a QIF accepting financial program, i.e. GnuCash.

* equity_flow by fernandors87 (last commit on 2018-07-20)

A personal asset management software

* gnucash-invoice by ixti (last commit on 2018-07-28)

Easy to use invoice printer for GnuCash.

* gnucash-rb by vbatts (last commit on 2012-07-11)

Ruby access to Gnucash SQL database

* gnucash-summarizer by arthurljones (last commit on 2019-01-10)

(No description available)

* gnucash2bmd by ngiger (last commit on 2017-05-30)

Convert GnuCash CSV files into CSV which can be read by

* gnucash2ledger by xaviershay (last commit on 2016-09-28)

Convert GnuCash files to a format supported by the ledger command line application

* gnucash_export by alibby (last commit on 2009-10-26)

Export gnucash data to sqlite/ csv

* gnucash_getquotes by hubcity (last commit on 2018-03-14)

(No description available)

rcash by salex (last commit on 2020-10-21)

Rails Double Entry Accounting app patterned after GNUCash

ruby-gnucash by holtrop (last commit on 2020-02-25)

Ruby library for extracting data from GnuCash data files

* vfwcash by salex (last commit on 2018-09-06)

A Ruby CLI application that produces PDF reports from GnuCash


stay-the-course by DavidCain (last commit on 2020-09-22)

Lazy portfolio rebalancer for GnuCash users


* gnucash-tools by schoettl (last commit on 2017-07-05)

Collection of tools to work with GnuCash efficiently


* gnucash-stuff by crankydillo (last commit on 2011-12-30)

(No description available)

* GnuCashExtractor by Winbee (last commit on 2015-08-12)

Extract data from gnuCash and copy it into an open document spreadsheet

YNAB4toGnuCashMigrationTool by galbarm (last commit on 2020-02-18)

YNAB 4 to GnuCash Migration Tool


* bas-report by spandan888 (last commit on 2017-08-11)

GST India Report / Business Tax Report

* gc-decl-reports by yawaramin (last commit on 2014-02-09)

GnuCash declarative reports

* gnucash-account-balance-chart by timabell (last commit on 2009-04-11)

account balance line chart for gnucash

* gnucash-custom-reports by BenBergman (last commit on 2018-07-11)

(No description available)

* gnucash-multicolumn by daniel-beet (last commit on 2017-09-18)

Advanced date and text filtering and multicolumn reports

* gnucash-paypal-invoice-template by charlesmulder (last commit on 2018-06-20)

GnuCash invoice template that resembles a PayPal invoice

* gnucash-reports by dschwen (last commit on 2016-01-27)

Custom reports for Gnucash

* gnucash-reports by trailbound (last commit on 2012-08-03)

Custom set of gnucash reports, currently in development.

* gnucash-reports by cnuahs (last commit on 2015-12-29)

Custom reports for use with GnuCash (

gnucash-reports by jaminh (last commit on 2020-08-06)

Reports for personal finance using gnucash

* gnucash-reports by wentzel (last commit on 2016-11-14)

Some nice reports for GnuCash

* gnucash-statement-table by waldeinburg (last commit on 2016-01-13)

GnuCash report with cash flow over time

* gnucashportable by GordCaswell (last commit on 2016-12-20)

GnuCash packaged in Format

* GnuCashReports by wlcasper (last commit on 2018-03-03)

Custom Reports for GnuCash

ibr-gnc-module by ErwinRieger (last commit on 2020-03-28)

GnuCash Erweiterungen für deutsche Buchhaltung


* AccountsConvertToGnucash by tontako (last commit on 2016-12-23)

Convert Kakeibo(Android Application) CSV exports to QIF format (usable by GnuCash and others)

ansible-role-gnucash by alvistack (last commit on 2020-10-21)

Ansible Role for GnuCash Installation

* archlinux-gnucash-latest by nengxu (last commit on 2015-03-31)

Archlinux AUR package building scripts for latest Gnucash

* docker_gnucash by tkerns1965 (last commit on 2018-01-19)

(No description available)

* docker_gnucash_novnc by tkerns1965 (last commit on 2018-01-25)

(No description available)

* gnucash-build by hanulhan (last commit on 2018-02-20)

(No description available)

* gnucash-build-script by z-Wind (last commit on 2019-03-08)

for ubuntu

* gnucash-csv-import by thomasramapuram (last commit on 2016-08-08)

(No description available)

* gnucash-devel by aur-archive (last commit on 2015-08-15)

(No description available)

* gnucash-docker by limitedAtonement (last commit on 2017-01-27)

docker image for repeatable gnucash builds.

* gnucash-docs by aur-archive (last commit on 2015-08-15)

(No description available)

* gnucash-docs-old by yasuakit (last commit on 2011-09-24)

Manual and User Guide for Gnucash, the open-source accounting program

* gnucash-hbci by aur-archive (last commit on 2015-08-15)

(No description available)

* gnucash-on-debian by rayelnigma (last commit on 2018-09-16)

a set of build scripts to build gnucash using Ninja for faster builds

* gnucash-on-fedora-copr by zhiqinghuang (last commit on 2015-10-29)

A set of build scripts geared towards creating rpm packages for gnucash and gnucash-docs on Fedora’s Copr infrastructure. It’s currently used to build nightly rpm packages for the maint and master branches intended for testing changes since the last release..

gnucash-on-flatpak by Gnucash (last commit on 2020-10-15)

Packaging scripts to generate flatpaks directly from gnucash and gnucash-docs git repositories

gnucash-on-osx by Gnucash (last commit on 2020-10-03)

Gtk-OSX moduleset, gtk-mac-bundler bundles, and ancillary files for creating GnuCash OSX Application Bundle.

gnucash-on-osx by jralls (last commit on 2020-07-12)

Build GnuCash on OSX without X11

* gnucash-python by aur-archive (last commit on 2015-08-15)

(No description available)

* gnucash-svn by aur-archive (last commit on 2015-08-15)

(No description available)

gnucash-util-jp by mikkun (last commit on 2020-08-09)


gnucash.AppImage by ecmu (last commit on 2020-04-12)

AppImage build for gnucash

* gnucash.SlackBuild by botzkobg (last commit on 2015-04-02)

SlackBuild script to compile GnuCash

* LittleBudget by kstripp (last commit on 2012-06-17)

Little Budget Tool for GNUCash

* nordea2ofx by nsrosenqvist (last commit on 2014-10-24)

A quick implementation of a converter between Nordea’s CSV export to OFX so that it can be imported into various applications, such as Homebank or GnuCash. Only supporting Swedish and my edge cases, please consider improving the script and send a pull request for the changes.

* TW5-GNUCash-Assistant by JulioCantarero (last commit on 2016-03-12)

A custom edition of TiddlyWiki5 designed to collect financial information from your banks and export them in QIF format


* cash by cjwirth (last commit on 2017-07-03)

iOS companion app for GnuCash


gnucash-reports by fredzica (last commit on 2020-01-12)

Custom reports that use data from gnucash’s SQL database

* GNUCashProcs by nicholasceliano (last commit on 2019-10-22)

(No description available)


* pycash by davinirjr (last commit on 2015-01-25)

Some Python utilites that GnuCash users may find useful.


gnucash-global-importer by klodzack (last commit on 2020-09-10)

(No description available)

gnucash-graphql by phjardas (last commit on 2020-07-17)

GraphQL Wrapper For GnuCash Ledgers

GnuCashImporter by nicholasceliano (last commit on 2020-07-19)

(No description available)

v9-geckos-team-07 by chingu-voyages (last commit on 2020-09-05)

GeckoCash: A web-based GnuCash clone.

* web-cash by ashishmondal (last commit on 2017-06-29)

Web version of GnuCash

* web-cash by ashishmondal (last commit on 2017-06-29)

Web version of GnuCash

Visual Basic

* OneClickToQif by OneClickToQif (last commit on 2017-04-23)

OneClickToQIF consists of a set of templates and macros, which are used to export data from your spreadsheets to QIF format, as used by programs such as GnuCash, Money and Quicken. You can use the templates as provided, or adapt your own spreadsheet, so your data is automatically exported to QIF with a single click.


* asciidoc-conversion by codesmythe (last commit on 2018-08-27)

Script and tools to convert GnuCash DocBook XML to AsciiDoc

gnucash-docs by Gnucash (last commit on 2020-09-27)

Documentation for GnuCash Accounting Program.

* gnucash-docs by mattig7 (last commit on 2018-02-10)

(No description available)

* Gnucash-gnucash-docs by jimmymccord (last commit on 2018-05-19)

(No description available)


* accounting-plans by jeblad (last commit on 2018-02-09)

Accounting plans for GnuCash

* accounts by sjtug (last commit on 2016-09-25)

Accounts of SJTUG in GNUCash Format

accounts_gnucash by Baneeishaque (last commit on 2020-02-29)

(No description available)

* an-gnucash by wanjing (last commit on 2012-07-30)

android app for gnucash

* ansible-role-gnucash by wtanaka (last commit on 2019-08-26)

Ansible role for installing gnucash

bookee by hesy-mzh (last commit on 2020-08-22)

Account data for GnuCash

budget by bhagdave (last commit on 2020-10-24)

My Budget from Gnucash

* chloris by honthion (last commit on 2018-12-17)

gnucash项目后台参考 python django

* Church-Accounting-Using-GnuCash by leggie (last commit on 2017-11-18)

Various excel templates containing vba scripts that makes church accounting using the open source accounting tool GnuCash as described in the blog “”. The files in the links mentioned there are hosted in this repository

* CICtoGNUcash by jbtruffault (last commit on 2016-06-15)

(No description available)

* commerzbank-csv4gnucash by zanto001 (last commit on 2018-12-05)

Tweak CSV exports from commerzbank for importing into GnuCash.

* ComptaTest by palric (last commit on 2017-05-05)

Exercices programmation python/panda: importation de fichiers comptas bancaires, formatage et importation dans GnuCash

* CPA-006-Asap-Cheques by dougransom (last commit on 2017-09-26)

Gnucash Check Configurations to print on Canadian Cheques from ASAP Cheques.

csv2qif by andreaZHrustichelli (last commit on 2020-09-15)

Python program to convert csv file into a qif file ready to import in GNUCASH

* docker-gnucash by mbessler (last commit on 2015-07-15)

Containerized GnuCash

* docker-gnucash by rainu (last commit on 2017-11-20)

A gnucash docker image

* docker-gnucash by sgalkin (last commit on 2018-01-31)

gnucash docker image with SpiderOakOne integration

* docker-mobile-gnucash by au-phiware (last commit on 2016-12-20)

Docker containers for justinhunt1223/mobilegnucash

GCtranslate by AshokR (last commit on 2020-06-30)

GnuCash Translation

* GnuCash-3part-check by agh1 (last commit on 2012-06-06)

A 3-part check format for GnuCash

gnucash-accounts by ordtrogen (last commit on 2019-12-18)

Some Account Hierarchy Templates for GnuCash in Swedish

* gnucash-android-master by abdullahwale (last commit on 2018-10-19)

(No description available)

* gnucash-api by jjuanda (last commit on 2013-12-14)

REST APIs for GnuCash files

gnucash-build-debian by willelop (last commit on 2020-09-06)

Installs in Debian all the required dependencies for building gnucash

* gnucash-compose by daveyb (last commit on 2017-03-11)

docker-compose file(s) to bring up local gnucash cluster

* gnucash-data by anshprat (last commit on 2015-06-02)

data files for my gnucash encrypted with gpg

* gnucash-docker by KaiLemke (last commit on 2017-12-18)

containerized gnucash 2.6

* gnucash-docker by dbcesar (last commit on 2018-04-16)

Dockerfile and docker-compose to install and run gnucash 3.0 from a docker container

* gnucash-docs by cygwinports (last commit on 2018-04-09)

Cygwin gnucash-docs packaging

* gnucash-fire-tools by KarolOlko (last commit on 2018-10-16)

Slicing gnucash DB for more insights

* gnucash-guide-asciidoc by codesmythe (last commit on 2018-08-23)

The GnuCash Tutorial and Concept Guide, converted to Asciidoc

* gnucash-my_chart_of_accounts by 5472qaywsx (last commit on 2019-02-25)

my personal chart of accounts for gnucash

gnucash-pot by fellen (last commit on 2020-03-25)

Portable Template of GnuCash

* gnucash-queries by g2010a (last commit on 2016-10-20)

Queries to extract data from Gnucash’s database

* gnucash-rest by mhitchens (last commit on 2014-05-03)

A Spring Data/Spring REST interface to a gnucash data file

gnucash-stuff by ajablonski (last commit on 2020-08-31)

(No description available)

GnuCash-Tutorials by duguqiubailee (last commit on 2020-10-19)

(No description available)

* gnucash-web by djbrown (last commit on 2016-01-01)

(No description available)

GNUCASH.APP-ERICK-CLEWIS by ErickClewisAccountsdatamoneymarketing (last commit on 2020-03-03)


* gnucash_auto by torchtarget (last commit on 2017-08-18)

A simple transaction importer for Gnucash

* gnucashdeb by twt2 (last commit on 2019-09-28)

(No description available)

* gnucashdockeraws by fervincent (last commit on 2019-03-29)

(No description available)

* GnucashSW by Oldobaba (last commit on 2018-07-04)

(No description available)

gnucashTelegram by f-angi (last commit on 2020-02-14)

(No description available)

* JsCash by rafaelbeckel (last commit on 2019-04-24)

Double entry accounting system inspired by GNUCash

* kg7je by twt2 (last commit on 2019-09-12)

Stephen Butler’s Debian Package Files for GnuCash

* knab-gnucash-converter by bkrijg (last commit on 2017-05-03)

A python script for converting KNAB bankstatement information files into a suitable gnucash csv import file

* lepturus by honthion (last commit on 2018-12-17)

gnucash项目后台H5 vue

moflow by msobkow (last commit on 2020-10-22)

Money Flow is a revisioning of GNU Cash as a web-enabled Spring Tool Suite 4 application set

* nordea-csv2qif by martinolsen (last commit on 2012-09-09)

Convert Nordea CSV exports to QIF format (usable by GnuCash and others)

org.gnucash.GnuCash by flathub (last commit on 2020-09-27)

(No description available)

* PayPalConvert by rowantree (last commit on 2015-11-04)

Convert PayPal csv files to qif for loading into GnuCash

* perotis by honthion (last commit on 2018-12-17)

gnucash项目App flutter

* rabo2qif by milovanderlinden (last commit on 2011-01-25)

export mut.txt to qif for gnucash

* resource-gnucash-build by hgati (last commit on 2018-03-21)

(No description available)

Singularity-GNUCash by rgrandin (last commit on 2019-12-30)

Fedora 28 build of GNUCash

* splitwise-to-gnucash by yfede (last commit on 2018-08-07)

A script to grab transactions from Splitwise and export them in CSV form for import in GnuCash

* tk_ansible_gnucash_vscode01 by tkerns1965 (last commit on 2019-08-28)

(No description available)

* Vishal-Ramteke by vishal7788 (last commit on 2019-09-01)

GnuCash Mobile Automation Test

* Vishal-Ramteke by vishal7788 (last commit on 2019-09-01)

GnuCash Mobile Automation Test

webcash by turlog (last commit on 2020-06-17)

WebCash is a proxy service that allows connecting to GNUCash databases with REST API.